Lately, everywhere you see, people are promising you the benefits and rewards of joining their startup incubator. Well, we’re not asking you to do anything. Just check out the services ID92 offers and and choose the right thing for you (by the way, here’s the application link just in case). Our incubator offers a work-space (open 24/7), free utilities (no paying for wifi, yay), Superior Group’s Resource Pool (schools, research centers, colleges, and university) and a vast mentorship network. But here are 3 unique features that no other incubator has:

Marketing is expensive so why are we offering it for free?
ID92 has a vast media network of Superior Group at its disposal, 2 TV Channels, a newspaper, a FM radio, and a web TV. Startups incubated at ID92 have the facility of using all these media networks for advertisements, free of cost.

One word: Money!
Now its true that we cannot act as an investor in your business but we provide you with various investment opportunities from introducing you to investors to providing you a spot on Idea Croron Ka, Pakistan’s first investment based reality show. Did you know that in the last three seasons of the show, 400 Million PKR has been committed to startups? Imagine it being you, and it totally can be you!

Who doesn’t want to go on an international exchange to USA?
ID92 is the only startup incubator in Pakistan to have secured three grants for exchange programs to USA.

  • ATX+PAK Advance – a business development program to Austin Texas for growth stage startups. (Apply here. Deadline 18th February 2019)
  • D2PAK – an entrepreneurial exchange to Detroit, Michigan for idea stage startups. The delegation from Detroit is arriving in Pakistan to do the selection next week!
  • University of Oklahoma – an exchange program to Oklahoma for business and working professionals.

If any of this sounds good to you, apply for the program here or visit this link:

Read more about the services we offer here. Good luck!