Entrepreneurship has become a trend. There is an expectation of fulfilling the perfect picture; one person wearing many hats, poring over work late into the night, waking up early to stay ahead of the game. But behind this painting is the very real chance of burning out, after all if you are doing everything at once and by yourself, are you really doing a good job?

entrepreneur reading1. Read something different every once in a while

Focusing on what your industry is doing is good, until you realize that everyone is doing the same thing. You might not think that a book about medieval warfare (See: Art of War) will be applicable to your business until you realize that ‘sneaking ahead of the enemy while pretending to be weak’ can be interpreted as leaving your competitor behind in the market by focusing on improving your internal business processes.

2. Switch to a new task if you are stuck in a rut stressed entrepreneur

It is easy to be fussing over something you cannot solve without realizing that important hours have passed. Switch to a different assignment to refresh your brain and avoid wasting your precious time. Come back to it with renewed energy after overcoming the problem, be it lack of passion or writer’s block.

passion3. Make time for things you do best

As an entrepreneur, you’re juggling various items, sometimes more responsibilities than you can handle. Clearly identify the tasks that you enjoy doing and those from which you get great results and focus your energy on them. This way you can avoid burnout because you are doing things that matter to you daily. Don’t stop improving and honing skills but ensure your long term success by focusing on parts of your job that you love doing.

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