Investors, business and corporate people are the real super heroes of our country. They bring change and innovation and provide ease to our citizens by offering countless services. Entrepreneurship is inspiring and at the same time rewarding but what is the common thing among entrepreneurs? Have a look on 4 C’s of entrepreneurship mind:

1. Creativity
Creativity is the key of every successful entrepreneur. They always perceive things in a different way and bring up with innovative ideas that stands out them in a crowd. Moreover, entrepreneurs keep their mind active all the time and get in touch with happenings around them. They make unpredictable things predictable just by adding uniqueness to it.


2. Commitment
Commitment to your life goals and hard work is a must thing, it lifts you up to reach the ladder of success. Entrepreneurs’

minds are dedicated to their work and it keeps them going on in life. Every success  starts with failures, they learn from their mistakes, try to overcome them, never give up and stay committed to their work.




3. Connection
Networking should be strong enough to run any startup. Entrepreneurs spot individuals whom they find are good enough to collaborate with. Build trust and trigger people with emotional intelligence. Foster strong relationship with family, friends and corporate people and invest time in those who help them to
grow their idea.


4. Competitive 
If you are friends with any of your entrepreneur friends, you know that they don’t just want to be successful but also want to crush their enemy by bringing innovation.

We have an example of Sun Microsystems, Facebook’s headquarters used to belong to Sun Micro Systems and was later acquired by Oracle in 2009. According to Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Brian Babineau, Sun Microsystems failed due to “inability to recognize the x86 open architecture, as opposed to what they were selling with the Sparc processors”. When Mark Zuckerberg moved into headquarters, instead of removing the sign of Sun Microsystems, he flipped it over and put Facebook’s logo in front. He did this to remind employees if you fail to innovate and take your eyes off the ball, your company can become outdated. So, in order to remain competitive, never give up on bringing novel and revolutionizing ideas.