Our Board Members

Basically everyone who will cause the tough times…

Abbas Yousafzai

Co-founder and CTO, YotaScale

Abbas is a San Francisco based serial entrepreneur and an experienced software architect. Startups is his hardcore passion. He has been very actively involved with the startup ecosystem not just in the U.S but has made great contributions towards Pakistani startup culture! He did not just built his own companies but has mentored a number of startups to date.

Abdul Rehman Talat

Founder and CEO BlueEast, Sales and Marketing Director at Orient Group of Companies and Investor Idea Croron Ka

Abdul Rehman has made great contributions to the startup ecosystem. The validation of his belief in the startup culture and his passion to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem is him being an active investor on Pakistan’s first startup reality show and investment in 3 startups.

Ali Mukhtar

Co-Founder, Fatima Ventures

Alicia Dean Founder

Founder Atx+Pak Launch Entrepreneurship Program & Marketing & Communications Consultant, City of Austin.

Alicia’s contribution to the startup ecosystem of Pakistan cannot be summed up in words. Through ATX+PAK Entrepreneurship Program, her brainchild launched in 2016, she is the power woman responsible for getting more than 22 Pakistani startups get world class training on entrepreneurship at the best incubators and accelerators in Austin.

Amna Nadim

Director of Partnerships at COLABS

Amna is the founder of Earthryse and have worked closely with a number of futuristic hardware tech firms (including companies like Segway Robot – a $1B venture of Ninebot and Segway) to bring their products to market.She’ve worked with partners to help define how

certain industries and businesses can adapt to recent (and upcoming) technological and communication-based advancements – like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Autonomous Robotics and more. She’ve worked closely with a number of futuristic hardware tech firms (including companies like Segway Robot – a $1B venture of Ninebot and Segway) to bring their products to market.

Farhan Masood

Founder and CTO, Soloinsight Inc, and Technology Scientist

The Pakistan-born inventor is completely self-taught, despite dropping out of college at the age of nineteen. Along his journey of leading SoloInsight he received several distinctions and awards, including one in 2013 when the MIT Enterprise Forum cited him as one of the most brilliant minds in the world.

“Most of what I have done in life is because I have made a commitment to do something that I

actually have no clue about, he says. Then I would go and get stuck in it.”

Masood came up with SoloInsight, biometrics security startup, with the vision to make it a high-tech company specializing in Mechatronics – a combination of software, electrical, and mechanical ngineering. It also started developing an array of biometric devices, including facial scanners, palm readers, and voice recognition software, with innovation remaining at the heart of the startup.

Hasnain Sheikh

Chairman and CEO, Inov8 Limited

Hasnain is not just a contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan but the builder of it. He was among the early believers of the startup culture in Pakistan and under the power of entrepreneurship to change the fate of this country. After his graduation from University of

Pennsylvania, he moved back to Pakistan and cofounded Inov8, with his brother. The company is now a leading provider in the region for mobile and digital payment technology and consulting services.

Jamil Goheer

Cofounder and CEO of Kualitatem , General Manager, Coventure , and Co-founder Kualitee

Prior to all this, Jamil was involved in a venture backed speech technology startup identifying

languages from speech signal, a social enterprise and an outsourcing company that won awards and was ranked the best startup by P@SHA in Pakistan and Best Startup in Asia Pacific by APICTA. He is also a consultant for international organizations like CIDA, UNDP, GTZ, Nike and Foundation for Development Cooperation Australia. Social entrepreneurship has a special place in his heart.

Jawwad Farid

Director and CEO Alchemy Technologies

Jawwad has worked directly as a founder, founding team member, mentor and advisor with multiple startups including two green field life insurance companies, financial services consulting operations, risk and investment advisory businesses as well as micro insurance, micro pensions and micro finance startups. His core areas of expertise include Asset/Risk Management, Investments, Product Development & the Financial Services Back Office.

Jonas Eichhorst

Founder & Director Positive Impact Network

Munawar Abadullah

Investor and founder of ImpTrax

Qaiser F Ansari

CEO, Pantera Energy

In the words of Nabeel A. Qadeer, “One individual who has inspired not only me but my startups is Qaiser Ansari. I would not be wrong in saying that he is the perfect example of a mentor – selfless, proactive, motivating and above all, humble! He was among the initial people who believed in the power of entrepreneurship to resolve our problems and has been selflessly dedicated since then. Like other mentors, he also shares his professional network with the startups. But that’s not it – he goes an extra mile to make sure the startups get business from his network.

Umar Farooq

Founder and CEO Tech Valley Abbottabad, and Managing Director FutureNow Technologies

Umar is the man running the technology and entrepreneurial show in KPK. He has always practiced the rule of ‘leading by example’; and has a very hands-on approach on innovation. He believes in creating a framework that is strong but at the same time allows the freedom to develop new ideas and spur innovation. It is this approach that has led to his repeated success one after another in the launch of leading-edge business solutions and has helped him drive record-setting revenues in various environments.

Suneel Sarfaraz

Munj Cofounder and CEO, PakWheels.com .

Suneel is the man who revolutionized the face of car based transactions in Pakistan by being the pioneer of online buying and selling of cars. He is the person behind organizing large scale auto shows that have been the talk of the town for years now. He has also invested in startups and appeared as an investor on Idea Croron Ka.

S. M. Imran

Chairman Middle East, Pakistan and Africa (MEPA) region EO.

S. M. Imran is an enterprising and successful businessman of Pakistan with an extensive experience in textile, poultry farming, family entertainment and real estate. He has taken charge of his office with a mission of building bridges to connect MEPA members beyond boundaries, mutually learn from others; experiences and grow as true entrepreneurs. He is the first-ever Pakistani reaching to one of the highest pedestals of EO.

Sheharyar Ali

Executive Director, Treet Group of Companies, and Investor Idea Croron Ka

After returning from Saint Louis University, USA in 2001, Syed Sheharyar Ali became one of the youngest directors of Treet Corporation Limited. Currently at the age of 39 he manages a very diversified portfolio consisting of manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, automobiles,sports and music.

He has a keen interest in startups and has successfully invested in more than 12 startups including PakWheels.com. He’s a regular investor on Idea Croron Ka as well and has invested in multiple startups on the show.

Rabeel Warraich

Founder & CEO, Sarmayacar and Investor, Idea Croron Ka

Rabeel is a great contributor of the startup ecosystem. His relationship with the field of finance equity dates back to year 2008 when he first joined Morgan and Stanley as an Analyst. Serving there for 3 years, he left it to join GIC as the Vice President of Private Equity. He later founded his own venture capital firm, Sarmayacar and to date has made investments in a number of startups through his own firm and Pakistan’s first startup reality show, Idea Croron Ka.

Muhammad Azam Roomi

Founding Dean and Professor at Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College – MBSC

Dr. Muhammad Azam Roomi is a passionate entrepreneurship ‘activator’ and has successfully conceptualized, designed, and conducted executive and continuing education programs for more than fifty clients worldwide. He has acted as a consultant to national governments including the UK, Qatar, Oman, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Honduras; multi-lateral agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union Higher Education Social Fund, ILO, and UN-APCTT; and private organizations including CIPE Int., LEAD Int., and InfoTech Ltd. Besides working with entrepreneurs, Dr Roomi works with charities and corporates on how to encourage and implement intrapreneurship.