Startup Huddle kicks off in Pakistan at Innovation District 92!

With an aim to build a community around entrepreneurs, a standard Huddle consists of 2 startups who pitch for 6 minutes each and get the floor for 20 minutes to discuss their idea. The discussion promotes a solution-oriented mindset and allows different audiences to come together for a common goal; to make ideas better.

An initiative of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Startup Huddle is brought to Pakistan for the first time by GM Innovation The Superior Group Faizan Mahmood.

The 2 startups that pitched today were Xyla Water and Unicorn Services.

To lead these discussions we had Amna QueUsama TauqeerBilal TariqTalaal Burny and Shahmir Khan. We were also joined by Entrepreneurship Coaches from Superior University who also met with our startups pre-event.

‘Working with the startups for the past 4 years, I have realized startups are reluctant sharing their ideas with others. There is a need to develop that culture of knowledge sharing and having productive discussions that lead to positive results. Hence, Startup Huddle can be a start to building that culture’ – Faizan Mahmood

In their own words:

Unicorn Services: ‘We are smart security company for vehicles. Our Products CAR SECURE and BIKE SECURE are smart immobilizer which solves all security problems related to car and bike theft and snatching.
Our Smart Immobilizer can be controlled through smart mobile application and secured with multi password layer.’

Xyla Water: ‘Xyla Water is a water organisation committed to SDG 6: “Clean Water and Sanitation”. Our low-cost xylem-tissue water filters are based on MIT’s research and we provide water, sanitation and hygiene education to children in low-income schools.’