Innovation District 92 hosted Camp Amaze for students aged 14-18 years. Delving into the world of teenage entrepreneurs, the camp aimed to instill key skills in students to make them stand out from their peers. The ID92 team along with instructors from Foster Learning Pakistan, Beyond The Books, AforYouth, & The Robotics Club, motivated students to become leaders of the future. Camp Amaze enriched students with an opportunity to engage with experienced professionals from several diverse fields of study and they enable Campers to start thinking out of the box.

Maha Ajmal, Marketing and Branding Associate ID92 and Project Head Camp Amaze, says, “As proponents of change in the Pakistani entrepreneurship ecosystem, we, at ID92, believe that teenagers need to be exposed to skill building activities and programs like Camp Amaze that give them the opportunity to excel, thereby making a positive change for Pakistan.”

Campers actively indulged in all the activities held at Camp Amaze but some of the activities that were a hit were Graphic Design 101, How to Become A Kidpreneur, Going Green to Save the Planet, Drama Club, Reading a Book during Camp and Finding Their Way Through the Maze to Graduation! All these activities enhanced creativity, increased knowledge and strengthened their learning capability with the aim to create awareness about career and life goals.

Camp Amaze developed a spirit among campers to become better change makers and also provided them possible solutions to any obstacle on their path to success. It fostered their self-confidence and nurtured their creativity to become a responsible citizen of Pakistan.