Most of the people start their own startup at the age of above 23. If you are a student and want to begin with something innovative that distinguishes you from others and you don’t have any money in your wallet then here are some ways to find money to begin your own startup:

-> Personal savings
According to research, most of the startups begin from personal savings. In order to generate it, there are multiple ways for instance through freelancing or you can also gain money from your daily pocket money as little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Why not do it all by your own rather than depending on others?

 -> Family and Friends
If you’re going this way, make sure you don’t have any conflicts with your family and friends and are on good terms with them, or else it might turn out to be bad for you in future.



-> Corporate programs
Some big businesses often provide support to small businesses to help them built their idea into a reality. Reach out to them and pitch your idea. If they find your idea innovative and worthy, they might invest and support your idea in all terms. Innovation District 92 is one such program, it is a startup incubator based in Lahore.

-> Angel Investors and Venture Capital
Angle Investors and Venture Capital play a vital role in entrepreneurial ecosystem. These are individuals, normally affluent, who invest in startups in exchange for debts or ownership equity.




These are the ways from where you can find money to begin your own startup. For more information and updates, visit our fb page

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