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TEZ Financial Services, mimAR & APRUS Technologies Takes Top Prize for Pakistan Finals of Entrepreneurship World Cup

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Innovation District 92 hosted the National Finals of Pakistan and 3 Top Startups Advance to Next Round – Will Compete for Slot in Top 100 at EWC Global Finals in October

Startup Tez Financial Services got 1st position in EWC competition. Tez Financial Services is fully digital neo-bank providing financial access to the unbanked and under-banked in Pakistan. Tez offers credit, savings, insurance and investments via a single platform – a data-driven smartphone application combining the synergies of strategic partnerships. Tez, as the name implies in Urdu, provides Fast and Smart financial services in a convenient, transparent and safe manner.

1st Runner up of this competition – mimAR is a service-based product that aids Real Estate Marketing industry using AR and VR for the visualization of to-be constructed buildings.

2nd Runner up of this competition APRUS Technologies are the designers and manufacturers of innovative, high-tech and affordable intensive health tech products. Their energy platform for electrosurgery is the safest in the world with a patentable technology.

In preparation for the EWC Global Finals, Naureen Hayat founder of TEZ Financial Services, Muhammad Naqi Ejaz  founder of mimAR and Hira Irshad founder of APRUS Technologies will participate in an acceleration program which features virtual training and one-to-one mentoring targeted to their company’s current stage and growth trajectory.

These 3 startups emerged victorious from a pool of 1500+ contestants who applied – each receiving access to free virtual training services and up to $25,000 in perks to help them take their venture to the next level.

Other finalists at EWC Pakistan included:

  • YPay: YPay is a fintech startup aiming to provide Asset Management Services accessible for the young student population of Pakistan though a simplified investing and savings platform. Acting as an intermediary, YPay aims to bridge the gap between AMCs and millennials looking to earn returns through investing their savings.


  • One Earth Toys manufacture high quality handmade toys and children products that are non-toxic and environmental friendly so that children can use them in a carefree way.


  • Zillions E learning: Zillion eLearning designs, develops and markets instructional products and services for the corporate, education, government and healthcare eLearning industries. It is committed to high quality instructional design and educational new media development and provides a core deliverable of programs, courses and learning objects for the distance & distributed learning & eLearning markets.


  • iSmart Films: iSmartfilms, Asia’s first & World’s ninth smartphone film making company was created in 2015 with the goal to discover, encourage and accompany the talents of the world to share the stories they have captured on mobile devices and to provide smartphone filmmakers with a platform to exhibit these stories to a wider audience.


  • Waste Hunters: The Business idea of waste hunters is used for Municipal solid waste collection and management and the system adopted for it is called waste to point system in which Municipal solid waste is collected from door to door using waste collecting vehicles and the waste will be is segregated form already segregated by households in given biodegradable shoppers. The points are rewarded to household on basis of quantity, quality and extent of segregation through an android / IOS application.


Judges for the competition were:

  • Muhammad Azam Roomi, Professor, Angel Investor & Global Influencer, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman College Saudi Arabia
  • Qaisar Ansari, CEO Astro Power

More than 150,000 contestants from 200 countries entered the Entrepreneurship World Cup. The initiative combines a broad-reaching pitch competition, aimed at ventures ranging from idea stage to growth stage, with a virtual accelerator program to help all participants launch, strengthen and scale their enterprises. Global Finalists will face off against one another at the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in October.

EWC is an initiative led by the Misk Global Forum, Global Entrepreneurship Network and the Global Education and Leadership Foundation with support from a collection of national and global partners, including the GSVlabs and Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

To Stand Out in the Market

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To stand out in the market, brands have to keep innovating to get their messaging out to the target audience. ChangeMaker, BagAdverts is bringing something new to the market!

BagAdverts is a lifestyle brand that aims to add value to people’s lives and at the same time transform the advertising industry.

They bridge the gap between advertisers and viewers. Advertisers want to market their brand to grow and sustain themselves. Viewers do not want to get bombarded by annoying advertisements.

They  market brands by providing environment friendly plastic bags to various shopkeepers. Being Eco Friendly is a solution to minimize pollution and global warming.  Instead of interrupting people to advertise the brand, BagAdverts help them carry their stuff and at the same time make an impact in the subconscious mind of target market. Their advertisements become a part of their daily lives. They hold them, move around with them & play a role of brand ambassadors, further advertising the brand to the masses.

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The Glassworker Pakistan’s First Hand Drawn Animation Film

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The Glassworker Pakistan’s First Hand Drawn Animation Film

Mano Animation Studios, founded by artist, TEDFellow and #ChangeMaker Usman Riaz, is the first of its kind animation studio in Pakistan. The face behind Mano Animation, Usman Riaz, has many talents to his name. From being an artist (he began playing the piano at the age of six) to being a TED Fellow and taking the TED stage at just 20 years old, Usman has no shortage of accomplishments.

Usman is currently directing the feature film The Glassworker (Sheeshahgar) which is inspired by the work of the famous Studio Ghibli as well as Japanese anime. The hand drawn animated film revolves around a young boy and girl who discover how beautiful life is, but also how fragile, just like glass.

Due to release in 2020, the animation will be in the Urdu language.

In 2017, Usman shared the trailer for the film in a TED talk given at ITU under the theme “Afraad Ke Hathon Main Hai”. The theme, translated to people are masters of their own destinies, was well portrayed in Usman’s talk of his endeavors in the thriving animation industry.

“If you truly want to do something that can change the course of your country’s history, even if it’s a small thing, I would encourage you to do it.” Usman Riaz

We are super excited to see how the Glassworker turns out when it is released.

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Summer Camp for Teens! Camp Amaze

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Summer Camp for Teens! CAMP AMAZE!

Innovation District 92 is hosting Camp Amaze, a Summer Camp for students aged 14-18 years in the month of June. The camp will consist of learning and development workshops to build key


skills of each student. This will be a program that will enable students to explore, learn and build their foundation for a practical adult life. The program is a mixture of academic as well as extracurricular activities such as entrepreneurial education, soft skills development, app development, graphic design and logo creation, and art and drama workshops.

Camp Amaze will enrich students with an opportunity to engage with experienced professionals that can provide them insight into the practicalities of adult life. Participants of the summer camp will gain skills that will help them evolve from a typical student to a unique individual that stands out from others.


  • Communication Skills
  • App Development
  • Drama Club
  • Graphic Design
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Arts & Creativity
  • Writing Skills
    and much more!

Dates: 17th June – 28th June
Timing: 10:30 am
Charges: Rs. 2000 (15% Early Bird Discount until 19th May)
Venue: Superior Gold Campus

The aim of the program is:

  • To create self awareness among students regarding career, life and personal goals
  • To be a leading program that will help children develop their intelligence and nurture their creativity to enable them to become responsible citizens in the future
  • To be a leader in providing outstanding summer school activities while building a safe and friendly environment

Camp Amaze will:

  • establish students as job creators rather than job seekers
  • bring about entrepreneurial revolution at school & college level
  • give the students different options for alternative career paths
  • enable the youth of Pakistan to be better leaders of change

To be a part of the program, sign up now:

If you wish to collaborate as mentors for the program, email us at

Check out all our other activities!


How SimSim is Changing the Face of Digital Transactions in Pakistan

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Why carry around a bulky, overstuffed wallet when you can go digital with SIM SIM mobile wallet app?


SimSim is Pakistan’s first digital one-minute current account that has created new avenues by introducing possibilities of real-time free payments for everything. Think of any kind of monetary transaction ranging from sending money to your loved ones to paying your staff or paying bills to depositing your kids’ fee, all can be done within a matter of a couple minutes.

While the world has moved onto to touch to pay systems, SimSim is trying to fast track payment gateways and digitization in Pakistan through its innovative functions. SimSim successfully completed a beta pilot prior to the formal approval from SBP, and recorded PKR 600 Million in transactions, 30,000 in self-registered mobile wallet accounts and a retail network of 500 participating merchants. In this way SimSim is doing a tremendous job in digital transaction system of Pakistan.

How Dastaan is Reviving Pakistan’s Literary Industry

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“For four years, Daastan, a social enterprise forum which promotes and publishes literature, faced a big challenge i.e. Funding” says Founder Daastan, Syed Ommer Amer.

The startup bootstrapped its way to success, facing cash crunch after cash crunch. But through it all they never gave up and kept working towards their goal.

Daastan aims to revive Pakistan’s literary industry by providing content solutions to brands and individuals, Qissa – Pakistan’s first self-publishing platform which provides digital and print publishing to aspiring writers, and literary events, competitions, fellowships and many more exciting opportunities to upgrade your portfolio.

They recently secured a $30,000 Peace Innovation Fund from U.S Institute of Peace for Shanakht, a movement to prevent and resolve community conflict through dialogue coupled with spoken word performances on sensitive social issues.

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How Color Influences Brand Perception

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First impressions are everything. While font, spacing between letters, shape and design of a logo matter, the first thing you subconsciously notice is the color of the logo.

The red of the CocaCola logo wouldn’t have made the brand exciting, bold and passionate if it was a bright green. This is because different colors are associated with different feelings. Green signifies feelings of nature, growth, and caring. Meanwhile, the color red conveys feelings that are is passionate, exciting, and full of action.

Let’s discuss examples of some of the most popular logos that we know and love and how their colors influence the effect they have on consumer’s perception.


Edvon Robotics Promoting STEAM Learning in Pakistan

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EDVON Robotics develops educational robots to promote skill based, project oriented and experiential learning at the school level. They offer DIY Robotic kits scuh as a 3 in 1 STEAM Robot, DIY Smart Robotic Kit and ProBot which is a brain development toy for kids.

Muhammad Nabeel, Founder and CEO, at EDVON Robotics has been working in the field for half a decade with being incubated locally as well as internationally.

EDVON Robotics designs customized STEM Robotic Course for schools and universities to integrate STEM based robotics education. They also offer summer and winter camps.

Next up, the team behind EdVon has been working on a robot capable of performing basic household chores. Good luck, guys!

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Dastaan Wins 30,000 USD Grant for it’s Peace-Building Dialogue Series SHANAKHT

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Daastan, a social enterprise chasing a vision to put a book in every hand, wins Peace Innovation Fund of 30,000$ from U.S Institute of Peace for Shanakht, a movement to prevent and resolve community conflict through dialogue coupled with spoken word performances on sensitive social issues. 

Inclusion is the core essence of the campaign to foster peace using storytelling as a tool to unite people. In the world where sensationalism is polarizing masses in general, Daastan is using art to remove boundaries, celebrate diversity and market the narrative that being different is beautiful.

Ms. Sidra Amin, cofounder Daastan states, ‘A national anthem of a country is a spoken word performance which millions do daily, without realizing it. Heart always triumphs judgment over brain. Why not reprogram society with unforgettable heartfelt experiences through stories? Crazy but worth it.’

Shanakht is a trinity in unity. Peace building dialogue sessions is the outreach wing fueled by the digital duo of online story writing competition and animated TV series. Audience engages virtually with curated themed content and then debates in offline nationwide peace dialogues.

In the pilot phase of 100 days, Daastan did five events in five cities of Pakistan, one in each province featuring 50+ representatives from religion, technology, business, education, social and marginalized communities. Top stories from the online story writing competition ‘The Stories Untold – Season 6’ will be published in print. Full digital versions however, will be available on QISSA to read and review. A mini 2D animated film – featuring social and cultural problems of marginalized communities of Pakistan will also be released on digital channels and mainstream media in July 2019.    

In past four years of inception, Daastan has successfully implemented end-to-end publishing solutions integrated with technology which provides analytics to end users. With 5000+ users from 17 countries and 200+ books in 2 languages, Daastan is now mobilizing the masses and bringing the much needed social correction through quality content tailored for the local audience by the local authors in the local languages.

The team of young entrepreneurs have been through multiple incubation and acceleration programs are NIC Islamabad alumnus who after winning SDG Bootcamp as one of the national winners represented Pakistan in Vietnam for Youth CO:Lab Summit in April’19.

About Daastan:

Daastan is a social enterprise working in niche of literature/publishing chasing a vision to put a book in every hand and ensuring that no story teller goes hungry due to lack of opportunities. The platform provides means to monetize time, content and skills of creative esp. writers and is a mean to connect all stake holders of Pakistan’s literary space digitally.

For more details reach out to Ms. Sidra Amin, co-founder Daastan at


ATX+PAK Advanced – GMAP Finalists Announced

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Ten startup companies to launch accelerated global expansion plans via Austin, Texas

The City of Austin Texas, Innovation District 92, and Capital Factory have selected the ten growth stage companies from across Pakistan that will advance to the final stage of the highly competitive Global Market Access Program (GMAP).

The finalists are:

baseH technologies, EyeAutomate, Journal Post LLC, MangoBaaz, Mapalytics, MoboKey – Car Chabi, SOFTBEATS, The Support Group, TRIAC, Vceela

These brilliant startups will be traveling to Austin for a 4 week US Market Immersion visit to Austin. The goal is to have initiated or completed US expansion plans for these companies by the program close in fall of 2020. These top ten startups were chosen on a variety of criteria, most important being how they fit into the US market when looked at in the long term.

The Global Market Access Program (GMAP) Bootcamp was a three day selection Bootcamp hosted at Innovation District 92, City of Austin’s official ATX+PAK programming partner in Pakistan.

GMAP is a two year intensive business development program under the ATX+PAK Advance focusing on accelerating the international expansion of Pakistani businesses. GMAP is a partnership between the City of Austin, Texas, Capital Factory and Innovation District 92. The program is funded by a grant from the US Embassy Islamabad.

Fred Schmidt, Director International Affairs and a mentor from Capital Factory shared his experience with Pakistani startups, “We’ve had an exceptional weekend with mentoring startups of excellent quality and we’ve chosen the ten that are the most suitable and have the best product-market fit when compared to the market in the US.

The 25 startups shortlisted as semifinalists took part in the activities of the weekend from perfecting the art of pitching to figuring out where they should penetrate into the US market.

A snapshot of the three-day workshops:

The first day focused on design thinking methodologies, understanding your market and delivering an effective elevator pitch. The sessions were followed by 2 minute pitching by all semifinalists.

The second day went into detailed business plans of each startup from identifying buyer personas to customer acquisition costs to focusing on the right messaging for each customer. Each startup also pitched their business plan for expansion into the US.

The last day focused on crowdfunding: on investors, how to approach them, what they are looking for in a startup and a panel discussion on the realities of fundraising in the US. The Bootcamp wrapped up with the much awaited announcement of the top ten startups chosen to go to Austin, U.S. for ATX+PAK Advance!

“At Innovation District 92, we aim to facilitate startups to accelerate their growth and what better way than through ATX+PAK Advance which exposes them to top class mentors, potential international partners and investors and an opportunity to expand into a developed ecosystem of US. I have Alicia Dean to thank for putting in her time, effort and unconditional love into this program from City of Austin and the team of Capital Factory for conducting exceptional trainings through GMAP Bootcamp.” – Maria Naseer, Program Manager Innovation District 92

We wish these fantastic startups the best of luck for the program. Keep on following Innovation District 92 to come along on their journey and for more details on future opportunities such as the upcoming Fashion Forward Initiative under ATX+PAK Advance.