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To Stand Out in the Market

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To stand out in the market, brands have to keep innovating to get their messaging out to the target audience. ChangeMaker, BagAdverts is bringing something new to the market!

BagAdverts is a lifestyle brand that aims to add value to people’s lives and at the same time transform the advertising industry.

They bridge the gap between advertisers and viewers. Advertisers want to market their brand to grow and sustain themselves. Viewers do not want to get bombarded by annoying advertisements.

They  market brands by providing environment friendly plastic bags to various shopkeepers. Being Eco Friendly is a solution to minimize pollution and global warming.  Instead of interrupting people to advertise the brand, BagAdverts help them carry their stuff and at the same time make an impact in the subconscious mind of target market. Their advertisements become a part of their daily lives. They hold them, move around with them & play a role of brand ambassadors, further advertising the brand to the masses.

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How Color Influences Brand Perception

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First impressions are everything. While font, spacing between letters, shape and design of a logo matter, the first thing you subconsciously notice is the color of the logo.

The red of the CocaCola logo wouldn’t have made the brand exciting, bold and passionate if it was a bright green. This is because different colors are associated with different feelings. Green signifies feelings of nature, growth, and caring. Meanwhile, the color red conveys feelings that are is passionate, exciting, and full of action.

Let’s discuss examples of some of the most popular logos that we know and love and how their colors influence the effect they have on consumer’s perception.