TEZ Financial Services, mimAR & APRUS Technologies Takes Top Prize for Pakistan Finals of Entrepreneurship World Cup

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Innovation District 92 hosted the National Finals of Pakistan and 3 Top Startups Advance to Next Round – Will Compete for Slot in Top 100 at EWC Global Finals in October

Startup Tez Financial Services got 1st position in EWC competition. Tez Financial Services is fully digital neo-bank providing financial access to the unbanked and under-banked in Pakistan. Tez offers credit, savings, insurance and investments via a single platform – a data-driven smartphone application combining the synergies of strategic partnerships. Tez, as the name implies in Urdu, provides Fast and Smart financial services in a convenient, transparent and safe manner.

1st Runner up of this competition – mimAR is a service-based product that aids Real Estate Marketing industry using AR and VR for the visualization of to-be constructed buildings.

2nd Runner up of this competition APRUS Technologies are the designers and manufacturers of innovative, high-tech and affordable intensive health tech products. Their energy platform for electrosurgery is the safest in the world with a patentable technology.

In preparation for the EWC Global Finals, Naureen Hayat founder of TEZ Financial Services, Muhammad Naqi Ejaz  founder of mimAR and Hira Irshad founder of APRUS Technologies will participate in an acceleration program which features virtual training and one-to-one mentoring targeted to their company’s current stage and growth trajectory.

These 3 startups emerged victorious from a pool of 1500+ contestants who applied – each receiving access to free virtual training services and up to $25,000 in perks to help them take their venture to the next level.

Other finalists at EWC Pakistan included:

  • YPay: YPay is a fintech startup aiming to provide Asset Management Services accessible for the young student population of Pakistan though a simplified investing and savings platform. Acting as an intermediary, YPay aims to bridge the gap between AMCs and millennials looking to earn returns through investing their savings.


  • One Earth Toys manufacture high quality handmade toys and children products that are non-toxic and environmental friendly so that children can use them in a carefree way.


  • Zillions E learning: Zillion eLearning designs, develops and markets instructional products and services for the corporate, education, government and healthcare eLearning industries. It is committed to high quality instructional design and educational new media development and provides a core deliverable of programs, courses and learning objects for the distance & distributed learning & eLearning markets.


  • iSmart Films: iSmartfilms, Asia’s first & World’s ninth smartphone film making company was created in 2015 with the goal to discover, encourage and accompany the talents of the world to share the stories they have captured on mobile devices and to provide smartphone filmmakers with a platform to exhibit these stories to a wider audience.


  • Waste Hunters: The Business idea of waste hunters is used for Municipal solid waste collection and management and the system adopted for it is called waste to point system in which Municipal solid waste is collected from door to door using waste collecting vehicles and the waste will be is segregated form already segregated by households in given biodegradable shoppers. The points are rewarded to household on basis of quantity, quality and extent of segregation through an android / IOS application.


Judges for the competition were:

  • Muhammad Azam Roomi, Professor, Angel Investor & Global Influencer, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman College Saudi Arabia
  • Qaisar Ansari, CEO Astro Power

More than 150,000 contestants from 200 countries entered the Entrepreneurship World Cup. The initiative combines a broad-reaching pitch competition, aimed at ventures ranging from idea stage to growth stage, with a virtual accelerator program to help all participants launch, strengthen and scale their enterprises. Global Finalists will face off against one another at the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in October.

EWC is an initiative led by the Misk Global Forum, Global Entrepreneurship Network and the Global Education and Leadership Foundation with support from a collection of national and global partners, including the GSVlabs and Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

4 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

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While the words, risk taker, energetic, passionate and hard working describe an entrepreneur, more accurate would be the terms outlier and troublemaker. Check out these 4 signs to identify if you’re an entrepreneur (or on your way to becoming one):

  • You consider yourself an outsider

Entrepreneurs are never accepted in society, because they’re the outliers, the quirky ones, the change makers. Being rejected for being different often strengthens their resolves and just makes them work harder, says Vincent Petryk, founder of a Boston chain of ice cream parlors.

  • You can’t sit still

Entrepreneurs have unending energy that fuels them long after every person has gone home. You will visibly notice the excited-ness in their demeanor and enthusiasm towards every venture and idea they put forth.  Each business, each idea they bring to life is one that makes them stand out.

  • You work and play hard

Micha Kaufman, co-founder of the freelance marketplace Fiverr says, “Entrepreneurs fall down and pick themselves up until they get it right.” According to him, the key to success in business is being focused and target driven. Entrepreneurs do their research, gather their resources and then get to work!

  • You’re fearless

Most people avoid risk, but entrepreneurs? They see potential and jump in headfirst. True entrepreneurs are not afraid to amass funds that they require to create a new business venture. Entrepreneurs can also be called optimists because they are firm believers that what they’re investing i.e. time and money will eventually pay off.

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The Change Makers of ID92

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With the applications open for the 3rd cohort of Innovation District 92 (ID92), lets celebrate our alumni startups!

Cohort 1

1. Foster Learning Pakistan

Foster Learning Pakistan is a social enterprise that aims at empowering Pakistani youth through continuous training and development, especially on soft skills. Introducing a unique Entrepreneurial Leadership program named as “Foster Flagship Training Program” it focuses on developing the skills, essentially required to have a successful career as a professional or as an entrepreneur.

2. E-Khata ERP

E-Khata ERP provides ERP services to help sharpen a company’s competitive edge through flexible, comprehensive and auditable accounting controls — and real-time reporting. E-Khata’s easy to use interface and run-time responsive features provides a user with every information about their customers and business status.

3. Careeb

Careeb is an online marketplace that offers grocery shopping on its website and delivers right to your doorstep, in just 90 minutes. Careeb hosts a variety of health and beauty products, grocery items and home essentials along with a growing mélange of general products. The Startup raised $100,000 investment and it is the very first of ID92’s startups to do so.

4. Maidan

Maidan came to us with just their idea and enthusiasm and throughout the incubation cohort they developed their services incredibly. They are a sports broadcasting service that broadcasted two school sports events and launched their fully functional mobile app!

Cohort 2


1. Screen IT

Screen-IT is a location based Dynamic Digital Out of Home (DD-OOH) Advertising platform. They provide advertisers the perfect opportunity to reach their consumers near the point of purchase.​ Screen-IT can strategically place your message in front of millions of shoppers around malls, high traffic venues and events giving you the chance to reach a highly captive audience. Screen IT raised USD 250,000 from a German firm known as Coeus Solutions.

2. MadHatters

The Mad Hatters is the perfect platform for adventure seekers, risk takers and avid explorers who are looking for opportunities to get out of the daily grind and journey into some of the less explored areas of Pakistan. The educational element of the trips gives a hands-on insight into the local culture and lifestyle of the places visited. It is probably the only tour operator company in Pakistan that is being led by a woman and focuses on a comfortable environment for females on trips.

3. HostInn

HostInn is your perfect guide to hostel life. It lets you search and book hostels in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So any individuals starting their college/university life and looking for a place to stay, save your self from the frustration and look no further, simply visit HostInn’s website.

Thank you to all these amazing startups for being a part of Innovation District 92. We wish you best of luck for your future. Make us proud!

3 Companies Who Revived Themselves in 2018

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This year has been an unsteady run for a few companies, with Facebook experiencing huge public relations disasters and General Electric experiencing problems under management of ex-CEO Jeff Immelt.

Amid all these controversies, here are three companies that defied odds and revived themselves in 2018

1) Twitter

Twitter has been around on the internet, with its little blue tweeting bird, for quite some time. However, with the rise of many widely popular social media platforms, it has seen succession of disappointments. However, the company is now emerging as a profitable company.

Despite the total number of users in a month falling, daily user growth has been up by double digits and engage is improving. The strong revenue growth is also due to its skill to bring value to marketers and advertisers with the help of video ads. With the steps taken by the management to mitigate issues of abuse and safety, the market is expecting Twitter’s new found growth to carry on into 2019.

2) Uber

The car ride app has its biggest market share in the US but it is truly a global organization. The company faced extreme backlash in 2017 when the #DeleteUber campaign arose, costing the company major losses in market share to competitor Lyft. This, coupled with sexual harassment allegations and the resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick resulted in a disastrous 2017 for the company.

But under the management of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber has turned things around. It relaunched its service in London, launched UberX in Spain, and retreated from Russia and Southeast Asia taking stakes in return. These steps taken by the new management have solidified Uber’s leadership position with the New Year right around the corner.

3) Tesla

Despite the erratic nature of its Founder, Elon Musk, Tesla crushed expectations in 2018 with high profit (almost $1 billion in free cash flow). Earlier this year, Musk faced production challenges with Model 3 and was burning through cash. The company faced major problems at its Nevada Gigafactory, which produces the battery packs needed for the cars. Musk had to reduce automation and introduce a manual production line to improve the conditions.

Moreover, Musk’s ‘The Boring Company’ unveiled a tunnel for Teslas meant to be the answer to Los Angeles’ “soul-crushing traffic” by providing a high speed route through the tunnel. The tunnel is yet to be functional but it gives an idea of where Musk’s vision for the future is headed. No doubt, Tesla is ending the year with a bang; let’s see if it can maintain this momentum in 2019.

What do you think about these companies and the comebacks they made?

7 Powerful Ways to Persuade Anyone to Do Anything Easily

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Persuading people to do something your way is an art. Persuasion is not to be confused with manipulation or coercion or getting someone to do a thing that does not benefit them. The basis of persuading people is using valid reasoning, rational arguments and sound benefits both in their own best interest and yours.

Let’s discuss 7 powerful secrets of persuasion:

1. If people trust you, they’re more likely to listen to you – trust holds up all the things you do and say. Your credibility is directly linked to how much someone trusts you. Be assertive, reliable and radiate confidence.

2. Knowledge is power  Cliché right? But extremely effective when it comes to getting your way. Knowing the ins and outs of what you support position you as someone to listen to. If you are the expert in the room, and the most qualified, you will have more chances of being successful in your persuasion.

3. Don’t just say, do – people judge you based on how you look, what you wear, what your body language is like. Ensure a positive lasting impact on your capability to persuade people by keeping these in check.

4. Use ‘code words’ – Code words, words that your audience uses and is familiar with, portrays you as someone they can trust. Use your audience’s language and they are more likely to think that you share their best interests and can relate to their values.

5. Listen more than you talk – look for common ground that you can capitalize on. Listen to the other side of the argument and pick out objections and misgivings, and doubts. If you talk over the other person to prove your point, these will not turn into moments of agreement.

6. Be consistent and persistent – it is important to not give up. Some people are just harder to convince than others. Keep your stance and keep trying.

7. Stay calm and collected – don’t let your emotions get in the way. Patience is an essential element in persuading people. Stay in control, whether it’s under pressure, stress of times of conflict. Who are you more likely to look up to; a leader who panics under pressure or a leader to keeps his head?

Try out these tips and let us know which ones work for you!

Did You Know That 1 Ton Of Food Waste Emits 680 Kg Of Carbon Dioxide Into The Environment?

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If you don’t understand what that means, simply put: it is really bad for our environment! Globally, 1.1 billion tons of waste, more than 40 percent of the world’s garbage, is burned in open piles, contributing to rising emissions of toxic gases.

In Pakistan, the way to dispose waste is to pile it up in an empty plot and burn the trash. This emits CO2 in the environment that causes various deadly consequences such as respiratory issues, heart disease headaches and nausea, just to name a few.

However, trashit, your compost hero, is trying to solve this problem in Pakistan. They are a startup that converts trash into premium fertilizer allowing for a better and more sustainable future for everyone. Trashit Founder, Anusha Fatima, believes in active participation of citizens in curing urban challenges such as proper waste disposal. She decided to step forward to make a change after seeing the dirty outlook of the cities in Pakistan. Trashit promotes sustainable living and aims to develop this habit in Pakistan through their work in the ecosystem.

Are you a ChangeMaker doing amazing things in Pakistan? Or do you have someone you want to nominate as a #ChangeMaker? Reach out to us at with the subject title “I Am A ChangeMaker” and we will feature you in our next #ChangeMakerBlog

A Girl On A Motorcycle? How Strange!

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Zenith Irfan, also known as Motorcycle Girl of Pakistan, is known for journeying across Pakistan under her initiative to live out the dream of
her late father ; to travel across Pakistan on a motorcycle. Despite the reservations she faced from society, she kept on breaking stereotypes and raced along dangerous terrains of Northern Pakistan because that’s what she wanted to do. Turning heads and facing criticism from everyone she passes on her motorcycle, we’re sure Zenith has built up a strong armor.

Some of the features of her story include, a movie called Motorcycle Girl where she is played by actress Sohai Ali Abro and a book published by Maliha Abidi called ‘Pakistan for Women’ featuring more than 50 prominent women of Pakistan and their work.

Zenith documents her journey on her social media where she interacts with her audience in candid stories about life as a young adult in Pakistan. Currently, she is planning for her next trip to continue her journey on her motorcycle.

It is no secret that people frown upon change makers and people doing extraordinary things in unique ways. But if you’re driving past those people on your high speed motorcycle, you clearly can’t hear what they’re saying!

Are you a ChangeMaker doing amazing things in Pakistan? Or do you have someone you want to nominate as a #ChangeMaker? Reach out to us at with the subject title “I Am A ChangeMaker” and we will feature you in our next #ChangeMakerBlog