The Team

Basically everyone who will be there when the times get tough…

Nabeel A. Qadeer

CIO The Superior Group, Co-Founder ID92

Nabeel A. Qadeer is one of the most profound names in Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. You must also know him from Pakistan's premium business reality show 'Idea Croron Ka' of which he is the lead, host and content producer. Nabeel has always been passionate about technology, education and can be found investing his time in building innovations that have the potential to improve this country.

Ps: Cricket and desserts are great topics to start a conversation with him.

Dr. Sumaira Rehman

Rector Superior University, Co-Founder ID92

Dr. Sumaira Rehman is the youngest female Rector in Pakistan and is leading the Entrepreneurship Revolution Program at The Superior University. She is also the Director of Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship and Development. Her belief in entrepreneurs and young minds is what makes her approach towards her students so very unique. She is determined to produce the next big idea and we couldn't be more supportive of her spirit!

Faizan Mahmood

GM Innovation The Superior Group, Head of Strategy ID92

Faizan Mahmood leads innovation at the Superior Group and looks after the strategy for ID92. Faizan has an extensive experience in dealing with and understanding startups and runs a startup of his own by the name of Capital Stake.
As a person, Faizan is extremely thorough and meticulous in his ways, hence a thorough research before getting in a discussion with him is advised.

Maria Naseer

Program Manager, ID92

Maria Naseer is the Program Manager at ID92 and also the Relationship Manager for Idea Croron Ka (one of the few women venturing in media and entrepreneurship, and that too at the same time!)
Maria's journey is a story in itself and there isn't much she can't find a solution for. Anyone who has ever worked with her can vouch for her devotion, sense of humor and passion for food.

Zain Tanveer

Business Development Manager

It will be safe to say that Zain is our anchor. When it comes to being meticulous, trustworthy and thorough, no one beats him and that's what all our startups rely on. We still haven't figured out what he finds funny, but he sure will laugh on with you to boost your morale.

Maha Ajmal

Marketing and Branding Associate

Maha Ajmal is the youngest member of our team, which is why our level of energy is never up to her standard. She has a severe sweet tooth and keeps talking to us in social media lingo we don't understand. She is also a ferocious writer and giving up is not in her stride.

Anam Sajjad

Visual Communication Designer

Anam Sajjad fits in perfectly as the artist of our team. Her creative skills and colorful imagination help us to convert our concepts into great visuals. She is always open to accept new ideas. She is crazy about music and her love for chocolate and pasta is eternal.