D2PAK: Detroit-Punjab Entrepreneurship Exchange Program


A fully funded, two week long exchange in Detroit for Pakistani Entrepreneurs!

Program Overview:

1. Two weeks fully funded program in Detroit

2. A single cohort comprised of 3 to 5 entrepreneurs

3. Through the exchange you will get to meet industry giants, see how world-class organizations progress and receive personalized mentoring sessions.

4. Entrepreneurs will be taken on Industry tours

5. They will get an opportunity to explore the culture of USA, particularly Detroit

6. IVLP style site visits


Applications are closed!

Applications Closed.

Who can apply?

The program is open for everyone. Women, minorities and the under served communities are especially encouraged to apply. Eligibility criteria will be announced soon.

What will the program offer

1. Technical trainings

2. IVLP style site visits

3. Customized mentoring and individual coaching

Eligibility Criteria:

1. The startup should be a legally registered entity in Pakistan
2. The startup should be a globally scalable business
3. The founder should be able to participate
4. The startup should be generating revenue or have strong customer base