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How many team members are required?

Minimum 2 members required and maximum 5

What if the investor invests and the startup doesn’t work?

This might happen, however, the terms of agreement of such a situation are between the startup and the investor.

Will we get investments for our ideas ?

If your idea shows potential in the incubation period then you can get a chance to appear on the show Idea Croron Ka – Pakistan’s Premium Business Reality Show, where we connect you to multiple investors.

What is Idea Croron Ka?

Idea Croron Ka is a business reality TV show on NEO TV Channel hosted by Nabeel Qadeer, the Co-Founder of ID92. It is a platform that bridges the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. In Pakistan, we are developing a culture of entrepreneurship, with young people developing an appreciation, appetite and skill to dream up ideas and develop startups as viable businesses. This show is an important step to develop this culture and spread the germ of entrepreneurship in our youth. Idea Croron Ka gives budding entrepreneurs a platform to present their ideas to business tycoons and investors, who analyze their ideas and help them scale by investing in them. It also features segments focusing on prominent figures in Pakistan who have undergone hardships to ultimately achieving their goals.

What opportunities we would have?

Easy access to our board members, weekly mentor sessions, in-house solutions for your startup (marketing, design, finance etc…), chance to meet investors from inside and outside Pakistan, may get a chance to represent Pakistan on an international platform, chance to appear on our media channels (newspaper, tv and radio) and a chance to take your idea to Idea Croron Ka.

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Can we bring our FYP as a startup?

Yes, you can definitely pitch it.

However, you must have a clear idea on how and why you wish to convert it into a business which requires preliminary research on your part before you pitch.

Who heads Innovation District 92?

There are 2 Co-Founders; Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University and Nabeel A. Qadeer, CIO The Superior Group & Lead, Host and Content Producer Idea Croron Ka. ID92 is directly managed by Program Manager Maria Naseer and her team.

How is ID92 different from other incubators in the country?

We have the muscle to give startups something they struggle with the most and that is marketing/exposure. Our media groups and our persistence in helping you figuring out the ‘WHY’ behind everything you do will make you more sustainable and long lasting in the industry. We also operate on a SAFE instrument equity model that is new in Pakistan and more beneficial for startups. We have a wide network of industry and academia linkages that are at your disposal as per the startups’s need.

Idea Croron Ka is part of ID92?

The startup that shows the most potential while being incubated at ID92 will get a chance to pitch at Idea Croron Ka (ICK). If a startup invested at ICK needs a place to work on their idea, they will have access to ID92’s services and space.

Now that I have applied, what’s next for me?

Once you have applied, you will enter the first phase of process in which our group of experts’ shortlist a dynamic group of entrepreneurs. In the second phase these selected entrepreneurs will go through a series of workshops that will help them in executing ideas. Your performance will be judged on the basis of these trainings and will act as a gateway for entering into the final round called PITCH STOP.

Do you cover travelling and accommodation cost of startups incubated outside of Lahore?

No, these costs are to be taken care by the startups. However, we may help recommend some places for startups moving to Lahore for incubation at ID92 if selected.