4 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

By January 28, 2020IDBlog

While the words, risk taker, energetic, passionate and hard working describe an entrepreneur, more accurate would be the terms outlier and troublemaker. Check out these 4 signs to identify if you’re an entrepreneur (or on your way to becoming one):

  • You consider yourself an outsider

Entrepreneurs are never accepted in society, because they’re the outliers, the quirky ones, the change makers. Being rejected for being different often strengthens their resolves and just makes them work harder, says Vincent Petryk, founder of a Boston chain of ice cream parlors.

  • You can’t sit still

Entrepreneurs have unending energy that fuels them long after every person has gone home. You will visibly notice the excited-ness in their demeanor and enthusiasm towards every venture and idea they put forth.  Each business, each idea they bring to life is one that makes them stand out.

  • You work and play hard

Micha Kaufman, co-founder of the freelance marketplace Fiverr says, “Entrepreneurs fall down and pick themselves up until they get it right.” According to him, the key to success in business is being focused and target driven. Entrepreneurs do their research, gather their resources and then get to work!

  • You’re fearless

Most people avoid risk, but entrepreneurs? They see potential and jump in headfirst. True entrepreneurs are not afraid to amass funds that they require to create a new business venture. Entrepreneurs can also be called optimists because they are firm believers that what they’re investing i.e. time and money will eventually pay off.

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