Summer Camp for Teens! Camp Amaze

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Summer Camp for Teens! CAMP AMAZE!

Innovation District 92 is hosting Camp Amaze, a Summer Camp for students aged 14-18 years in the month of June. The camp will consist of learning and development workshops to build key


skills of each student. This will be a program that will enable students to explore, learn and build their foundation for a practical adult life. The program is a mixture of academic as well as extracurricular activities such as entrepreneurial education, soft skills development, app development, graphic design and logo creation, and art and drama workshops.

Camp Amaze will enrich students with an opportunity to engage with experienced professionals that can provide them insight into the practicalities of adult life. Participants of the summer camp will gain skills that will help them evolve from a typical student to a unique individual that stands out from others.


  • Communication Skills
  • App Development
  • Drama Club
  • Graphic Design
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Arts & Creativity
  • Writing Skills
    and much more!

Dates: 17th June – 28th June
Timing: 10:30 am
Charges: Rs. 2000 (15% Early Bird Discount until 19th May)
Venue: Superior Gold Campus

The aim of the program is:

  • To create self awareness among students regarding career, life and personal goals
  • To be a leading program that will help children develop their intelligence and nurture their creativity to enable them to become responsible citizens in the future
  • To be a leader in providing outstanding summer school activities while building a safe and friendly environment

Camp Amaze will:

  • establish students as job creators rather than job seekers
  • bring about entrepreneurial revolution at school & college level
  • give the students different options for alternative career paths
  • enable the youth of Pakistan to be better leaders of change

To be a part of the program, sign up now:

If you wish to collaborate as mentors for the program, email us at

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