How SimSim is Changing the Face of Digital Transactions in Pakistan

By January 28, 2020Industry News

Why carry around a bulky, overstuffed wallet when you can go digital with SIM SIM mobile wallet app?


SimSim is Pakistan’s first digital one-minute current account that has created new avenues by introducing possibilities of real-time free payments for everything. Think of any kind of monetary transaction ranging from sending money to your loved ones to paying your staff or paying bills to depositing your kids’ fee, all can be done within a matter of a couple minutes.

While the world has moved onto to touch to pay systems, SimSim is trying to fast track payment gateways and digitization in Pakistan through its innovative functions. SimSim successfully completed a beta pilot prior to the formal approval from SBP, and recorded PKR 600 Million in transactions, 30,000 in self-registered mobile wallet accounts and a retail network of 500 participating merchants. In this way SimSim is doing a tremendous job in digital transaction system of Pakistan.


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