All that we offer!

All of us are big fans of the ‘flip card’ element, hence the details of these services can be found on the backside of each card.
We have a team of mentors who will guide the startups at every step of their product development.
The selected startups will access all our service free of cost for 6 months.
Neo Media Network, Lahore Rung, Nai Baat newspaper, Boom FM106.6 & Idea Croron Ka.
A wide range of investors are taken on board to help scale the product.
Milestones are set to ensure every startup receives the proper training.
We will provide startups the platform to showcase their idea and participate at various international forums.
We will put the startups in contact with the Board Members from around the world and a group of focused Mentors & Investors from the industry.
We will charge 2.5% equity from startups for the services provided by ID92 throughout their six month tenure.
Professional work environment with a boardroom/meeting room, high speed internet to run operations and a cafe.
A converging point for our multi-dimensional partners (universities, incubators, accelerators etc…) to build a network.
Eureka moments don’t have timings and nor do we.┬áBe it day or night, our doors are open to our Change Makers.
Our legal advising team is going to make sure that you never face any legal glitch.

Media Outlets

Our startups get access to an entire media group, Idea Croron Ka and a lot more!

Resource Pool

Our startups have access to the Superior University, its research center and a live sample of 50,000 students.

2.5% Equity Model

A hassle free equity agreement for Pakistani startups.

Mentorship, Consultancy & Milestone based trainings

A group of specialized individuals who oversee the progress of startups.

International Exchange Programs

Fully paid opportunities for Pakistani Entrepreneurs around the world!

International Partnerships

Products and services made available to our startups free of cost to help scale and grow their ideas.