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Meet our Change Makers from Cycle 2!
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The Mad Hatters

Category: Travel and Tourism

Lost amidst travel itineraries and hotel bookings? Let Mad Hatters take you on a once in a lifetime trip with everything planned to the T! Visit Pakistan's beautiful North or take a trip to Changa Manga

LIVE Stick

Category: Hardware

Livestick brings life to your social media lives through its state of the art product that provides both audio and video features in a single Live Stick.

Pre order yours now!


Category: Hostels and Hotels

In a world full of hassle, hopelessness and homelessness
Hostinn brings ease, hope and a hostel for you
Because Hostinn cares.

We're being really dramatic but that's how cool the team of Hostinn is. They're ready to give you top notch services when it comes to finding where you will stay, whether it be for a semester or a single night!


Category: Tshirt Printing

No one lets you do 'apni marzi' in life, but at Maddy you are free to do whatever you want.

Design your Desire because with MADDY you can have it all because it FITS.
Team MADDY is really proud of this pun, what with their startup being a Tshirt printing brand. Check out their website and order now!

Screen IT

Category: Advertising / Marketing

Screen IT and let the world know it.

Screen IT is redesigning Pakistan's marketing space by launching a new form of out-of-home advertising medium through displaying ads on car windows to increase brand reach and build traffic.

Here are our Change Makers from Cycle 1!
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Category: Sports

Have you ever gone through the pain of establishing a sports club? or finding a team to join? or a rival team to play against? or a ground to play in? Maidan, a sports-tech startup would save you from all this hassle through a centralized online portal. You can book grounds in the city, find opponent teams, extra players, record scores and even get match coverage. On top of this, you’d find the right fit for all your sporting tastes; whether it be Rugby or Gulli danda.


Category: Fintech

E-Khata is a single click application that covers all aspects of a business. A customized software to achieve business growth by scaling up to multiple business branches. E-Khata’s easy to use interface and run-time responsive features provides the user every information about their customers and business status. E-Khata’s powerful features can handle a small to a medium sized business. E-Khata is designed on real time problems that our local businesses face in renowned markets of Pakistan.


Category: Education

Foster Learning Pakistan is a first of its kind book-less education startup; it provides an intense 2 Month Program for university students and graduates to impart them with a growth mindset; key employability, leadership skills and entrepreneurship. The students are provided with workshops and exercises that require critical thinking; problem-solving skills and team work.


Category: E-commerce

Careeb omits the hassle for daily home essentials by providing an online marketplace. You can find items ranging from from the very local nihari cut pieces to the most exotic of bakery items at the convenience of a single click.