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About Innovation District 92

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The evolving information and communication technology combined with the turbulence of economy and the emergence of the knowledge economy have significantly contributed to the growth of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The concept of creating the job rather than being a job seeker is spreading across the globe. In today’s world the students enrolled are far more innovative and entrepreneurial as compared to their parents. The growing trend depicts an inclination towards using digital media to build small businesses from babysitting and tutoring services to food and beverage and fashion businesses.

Being an entrepreneur in a country where the inception of entrepreneurship is relatively novel can be difficult. However it can become an easy path to success if you have the right resources like strong network and access to mentorship. That’s exactly how Innovation District 92 can help entrepreneurs succeed — at every stage of their journey.

Innovation District 92 is a platform that envisions an ecosystem that will transform innovative ideas into effective and profitable businesses. It provides a wide range of services that would build high-impact startups in every type of community or industry. Entrepreneurs pitch an array of ideas from all fields to our diverse team of makers, investors, mentors and operators who in-turn provide them with hands-on support in developing, branding and marketing their ideas. It is a highly selective program embedded with a series of workshops to nurture the growth, learning and network building you require to succeed.

Innovation District 92’s platform is built on the infrastructure of global community partnerships, training and education, mentor network and effective access to capital to support you and your business idea.

Global Community Partnerships:  We understand the difficulties faced by an entrepreneur who starts and scales from scratch. Innovation district 92 is a unique community of partners brought together to advice, share, and collaborate with you. This community is where you often get your first customers, unfettered smart feedback, and a playbook of tried and tested tactics you can apply to your business. With regular events, internal networks and support systems, our partners will be one of your greatest assets.

Training and Education:

We understand the need to blend your dreams with a pinch of assistance and training on themes that are new to you. Our leaders collide together on the platform of Innovation District 92 to execute an array of trainings that will back you in executing your ideas. These trainings will develop your skill set in terms of teamwork, creativity and the creation of financial stability. Hence our IDEATE workshops aim to mix the wealth of innovative ideas and diverse perspectives with the active building tools of resources and collaborations, resulting in you emerging as a Change Maker.

Mentor Network:

To sculpt the hidden Change Maker inside you we will directly put you in contact with our over fifteen board members from around the world and a group of focused mentors active in the startup industry. This will help you to develop the required entrepreneurial skill set that will catalysts your success.

Smart capital:

We understand that to spearhead your new initiative it is necessary to have access to basic capital to achieve your goals. Innovation District 92 facilitates authentic connections, mentorship, and peer-to-peer collaboration for all of our startups to ensure they have the right investment for their ideas.

Innovation District 92 is an innovation hub which nurtures the growth of leaders like you, who have the passion for business and innovation. Being a part of our innovation hub would not only help you shape your ideas and progress in the right dimension but would also make you a significant member of our extensive network.

Our innovation hub would not only help you emerge as a successful entrepreneur but would also highlight the change maker inside you. Join us to be the part the journey known as Think, Innovate, Change!