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The Startups of Innovation District 92

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With the incubation cycle coming to a close, lets celebrate Innovation District 92‘s startups!
Maidan came to us with just their idea and enthusiasm and throughout the incubation cohort they have developed their services incredibly. They are a sports broadcasting service that recently broadcasted two school sports events and have launched their fully functional mobile app! 

 Foster Learning Pakistan is a leadership skills developing organisation among youth which has successfully trained over 300 students in 4 cities of Pakistan – Lahore, Faisalabad, Layyah and Toba Tek Singh. They’re just finishing up graduating their own batch of students from their leadership training program.

E-Khata ERP provides ERP services to help sharpen a company’s competitive  edge through flexible, comprehensive and auditable accounting controls — and real-time reporting. Currently, E Khata is serving 50+ clients and is aiming for more in 2019.

Careeb is an online marketplace that offers grocery shopping on its website and delivers right to your doorstep, in just 90 minutes. The startup just raised $100,000 investment and it is the very first of ID92’s startups to do so.

Thank you to all these amazing startups for being a part of our first incubation cycle. We wish you best of luck for the future going into the market. Make us proud!

7 Powerful Ways to Persuade Anyone to Do Anything Easily

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Persuading people to do something your way is an art. Persuasion is not to be confused with manipulation or coercion or getting someone to do a thing that does not benefit them. The basis of persuading people is using valid reasoning, rational arguments and sound benefits both in their own best interest and yours.

Let’s discuss 7 powerful secrets of persuasion:

1. If people trust you, they’re more likely to listen to you – trust holds up all the things you do and say. Your credibility is directly linked to how much someone trusts you. Be assertive, reliable and radiate confidence.

2. Knowledge is power  Cliché right? But extremely effective when it comes to getting your way. Knowing the ins and outs of what you support position you as someone to listen to. If you are the expert in the room, and the most qualified, you will have more chances of being successful in your persuasion.

3. Don’t just say, do – people judge you based on how you look, what you wear, what your body language is like. Ensure a positive lasting impact on your capability to persuade people by keeping these in check.

4. Use ‘code words’ – Code words, words that your audience uses and is familiar with, portrays you as someone they can trust. Use your audience’s language and they are more likely to think that you share their best interests and can relate to their values.

5. Listen more than you talk – look for common ground that you can capitalize on. Listen to the other side of the argument and pick out objections and misgivings, and doubts. If you talk over the other person to prove your point, these will not turn into moments of agreement.

6. Be consistent and persistent – it is important to not give up. Some people are just harder to convince than others. Keep your stance and keep trying.

7. Stay calm and collected – don’t let your emotions get in the way. Patience is an essential element in persuading people. Stay in control, whether it’s under pressure, stress of times of conflict. Who are you more likely to look up to; a leader who panics under pressure or a leader to keeps his head?

Try out these tips and let us know which ones work for you!